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March 6, 2010

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Sharing IxD Education in Local Schools

We’re working on a little project to develop a design curriculum in after-school programs in NYC schools.

Along with my classmates Derek Chan and Carmen Dukes, I’ve spent the last couple months immersed in learning about education in New York City.

We’re taking an interaction design approach to develop a curriculum that reaches kids in the environments where they already have knowledge. We’re going to teach them to think of themselves as creators, to challenge, question and think creatively about the world around them, and to prototype, iterate and explore ways to enact change.

So far the experience has been amazing. We’ve interviewed a whole slew of interesting and inspiring people, and everyone we’ve met with has encouraged us to pursue this endeavor.

We’re in the final week of our research and discovery phase. We’ve spent the last two months collecting everything we can about local schools, after-school programs, teaching resources, how to engage students, and how to simply communicate ideas about design to rambunctious teenagers who may not yet understand the complex tools and themes we use in interaction design.

Stay tuned for more!